​You guys sure about this? It'd be a pretty nice capper on your AL Central contender at a fairly solid bargain.

We really can't get you on board?

Apparently, despite the situation falling about as perfectly into their laps as it can, the Minnesota Twins still don't have enough interest to push a deal with Jake Arrieta, Alex Cobb, or Lance Lynn across the finish line.

​​Sure, we don't generally expect the Twins to end up with the biggest name on the pitching market when the offseason begins.

They're far more likely to dumpster dive for Jeremy Hellickson or choose to believe in another pitcher from their "system" who's conditioned to pitch to contact, get rocked, and get fatigued out of a job.

But this time felt different. Jose Berrios is a legit young arm on the verge of a possible breakout, but beyond that, the barren rotation was the only thing holding Minnesota back from launching their way over an Indians team that lost an awful lot of power this offseason. Factor in ​Ervin Santana's injury and the extended free agent dry spell, and ​it felt like a lock.

Alas, those discussions now seem moot. The Twins are content to enter 2018 relying on Phil Hughes far more than anyone should. Ah well. Back to embracing the underdog status instead of taking advantage of the market.