​It has been a long time coming for the Chicago White Sox.

Their next door neighbors finally figured things out and broke a century-long curse by winning the World Series a couple of seasons ago, but many still seem to bypass the fact that its been a long time since the White Sox have had success as well.

The team earned a World Series title back in 2005, but since then the franchise has only made the playoffs one time.

They've finished in the bottom two of their division in five straight seasons, and most experts likely wouldn't pick them to do much better than that this season.

That is, if they aren't able to acquire a couple big name free agents.

Carlos Gonzalez and Mike Moustakas would clearly be more than welcome additions to a Chicago team that finished 35 games back of first place in their division a season ago.

Gonzalez and Moustakas are both veteran guys who pack a punch with their bat, and a little savvy leadership could stand to a White Sox team wonders that's still in the process of rebuilding.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later they'll figure this thing out.