If you have never heard of UFC's Shaquem Griffin, then you have now. If you ever doubted him, then you don't anymore.

The story of the 20 year old out of St. Petersburg, Fla., is an inspiring one. Born with a condition called "amniotic band syndrome," which restricted the development of his fingers and led to the amputation of his left hand at the age of four, Griffin has overcome many obstacles on his journey to become a pro. 

His collegiate career at UCF led to Second-team All-American honors in 2017, First-team All-AAC honors in 2016 and 2017 and AAC Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2016. If that didn't already put him on NFL scout's radars, his performance at this year's Senior Bowl certainly did. He earned himself an invite to 2018's Combine where he has wowed everyone from the minute he showed up.

On Sunday, when his position group took the field, he again blew everyone away with a record-breaking 40-yard dash time.

To give you an idea of how amazing that is, he was faster than some of the NFL's best players in Ezekiel Elliott, Julio Jones and Antonio Brown, just to name a few. Not only are teams around the league noticing, but so are the NFL's biggest stars.

You know you're doing something right when a three-time DPOY notices. Shifting over to a guy who has been receiving an incredible amount of support himself, Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier was the one inspired instead of the guy doing the inspiring after Griffin's performance.

Real recognizes real, of course. But how about speed recognizes speed, as well?

There's no doubt he's improving his stock for draft day. Perhaps the best response and reaction of all of them, though, comes from family, and twin Shaquill who was drafted by the Seahawks a year earlier showed some brotherly love.

Shaquem has proved so far that he is the real deal, and whichever team calls his name in April will likely be getting a gem.