​Shocker: the NCAA has yet another ridiculous rule in place that is aggravating fans everywhere. 

This one, an obnoxious little footnote related to post-career honors, is getting Georgia fans steamed, as one of their own is about to be robbed.

Yes, that's right: the NCAA requires Hall of Fame inductees to be named First Team All-Americans at some point in their college careers to gain admittance.

Due to this absurd rule, Georgia's​ Nick Chubb is ineligible to make the College Football Hall of Fame. 

​​Nick Chubb, though forever associated with Sony Michel and a devastating injury, pulled together an incredible career with the Bulldogs. Not only did he finish second all-time in SEC rushing yards, but he also ranks fifth in rushing touchdowns. 

Of course, ​Chubb racked up all these accomplishments despite facing a ton of obstacles in his collegiate career. 

In his freshman season, he had to back up Todd Gurley. His sophomore campaign, of course, was marred with a dramatic knee injury at Tennessee that seemed career-ending at first blush. He fought back from that significant setback, only to see Sony Michel split his carries until the end of his time as a Dawg.

How in the world can someone make First Team All-America when they have to split their carries?

The fact that Chubb ended up as one of the best SEC running backs ever, statistically, shows that the NCAA needs to change this rule and let him enter the College Football Hall of Fame. It's only fair.