​It seems like the entire NFL is just waiting to see what happens with Kirk Cousins. 

While ​quarterbacks are waiting for him to set the market, there are four teams desperately hoping to obtain Cousins' services, including the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings. 

Although there hasn't been a clearcut favorite out of the list of suitors, this latest update might change that. 

Obviously Kirk Cousins values winning, but the Pro Bowl quarterback really wants to secure a massive contract, as he's reportedly looking for $90 million guaranteed. 

That is absolutely insane money for Cousins to demand, yet we've already heard teams like the ​Jets express their willingness to spend whatever it takes. 

If money is the only thing that Cousins is seeking then perhaps a move to New York makes sense, considering they have a ton of cap space. 

​​For perspective, Matt Stafford got $92 million in guaranteed money, but his contract was over five years. Jimmy Garoppolo got $72 million over five years. Derek Carr got $70 million guaranteed over five years. So $90 million over three years would be quite a jump. 

We'll see what becomes the ultimate deciding factor for Kirk Cousins this offseason, but it's evident that he's going to reel in an insane contract.