​We're not going to beat around the bush here. Orlando Brown had himself a rough showing at the NFL Combine. 

First, the Oklahoma star recorded 14 reps on the bench press testing. Then, during his 40-yard dash, he had a time to forget. 

​​Indeed, a 5.86 time is not good. It doesn't matter if he's a lineman, that number is quite alarming. 

However, if you ask quarterback Baker Mayfield, who Brown protected with passion, that 40 time doesn't mean a damn thing. 

You've got to love Baker having his teammate's back like this. He makes a good point, too. Does a 40 really matter for an offensive lineman?

What matters is how they block and protect the QB. And in that department, Brown was quite impressive throughout his career. 

We'll see if Brown still gets drafted on the first day of the NFL Draft next month.