Finally, the NFL Draft Combine is upon us. This is where we get to see how strong, athletic and ​capable some of the draft's best prospects are. 

Saturday was the day everyone wanted to see, as the quarterbacks and wide receivers took the field. What makes this year's combine far more attractive than ones in the past is because many of the best​ QB prospects chose to throw. 

So, scouts and teams were in awe when Josh Allen's ​turn came and he started dropping solid throws all around the field.

​​This probably sat well with the Browns because they sat down with Allen over the weekend and had a great interview. 

This is a great sign, especially because in the interview Allen talked about his accuracy, which many see to be the biggest red flag with him. 

But, the Browns would be wise to sit down with any big quarterbacks because they are in dire need of one. 

Maybe Allen's strong interview and combine day can result in him being one of the first quarterbacks drafted in the upcoming draft. Cleveland holds the No. 1 pick. Is Allen Cleveland-bound?