​This is kind of a dumb caveat. 

Nick Chubb was an ​incredible talent for the Georgia Bulldogs over the years. Now, Chubb is ​heading to the NFL and has a bright future ahead of him. However, he left quite a legacy behind him. 

The problem is, some minor technicalities will keep him out of the College Football Hall of Fame. 

Chubb finished second all time in rushing yardage among all SEC talent ever, which is a pretty loaded class of guys. 

The reason why Chubb won't be eligible? He never made a First Team All America, which is part of the ballot to get in. That's kind of ridiculous, because Chubb was a phenomenal player that got trapped behind some stellar talent over the years. 

Somebody has to do something about this, because Chubb deserves a spot in the Hall.