The Chicago Bears are in serious need of some receiver help after Cameron Meredith and Kevin White both missed the entire 2017 season with injuries.

There's a good chance new head coach Matt Nagy might turn to the draft for reinforcements, but if they are lucky, the franchise's eighth-overall pick in 2015 may finally just put together a season worth the investment.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the 25-year-old White looks to be recovering nicely from his shoulder injury.

What is this tropical land? Jurassic Park? Because money looks like he's been rampaging around like a super-beast and eating entire goats raw.

We're not actually sure where White is, but that's quite a scenic vista. Of course, Twitter took notice, and teammates also didn't miss the opportunity to respond to White's photo choice.

We give Kyle Long an A+ for the Photoshop job on this one. 

Credit to White as well, who is looking pretty brolic in comparison to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. They should consider arm-wrestling for charity some time. As you might expect, too, White's reaction was priceless. 

Hopefully, the young receiver comes back strong come 2018, the team could use a consistently heroic performance in the wide receiver corps for a change.

Of course, if it doesn't work out, he can always audition for the Predator re-boot that's coming out later this year.