The running back class for the 2018 NFL Draft is absolutely loaded. A position group that's often hard to project from the college to the pro level, this year's contingent of rushers is uncharacteristically full of guys that may as well be considered can't-miss.

​But while all eyes at the Combine have been on Penn State's Saquon Barkley, who absolutely crushed every last drill, there's a stud out of Georgia that teams would be absolutely stupid to sleep on.

​No, it's not Nick Chubb, as terrific as he is. We're talking about Sony Michel, who has given every indication that he's the 2018 edition of reigning NFL Offensive ​Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara.

Whether it's the SEC pedigree, the size, or the pass-catching ability out of the backfield, this is a worthy comp. Sure, the annual Combine over-analyzers will yammer on about how his initial attempt at the 40-yard dash saw him clocking ​​in at a not-particularly-amazing 4.58, but that's nitpicking. 

Seriously, did you notice him laying waste to the SEC on the way to a 2017 conference championship? Did you catch him take Oklahoma to the scrap heap ​in the Rose Bowl?

Don't let the measurables get in the way of what you already know to be true. The dude can ball, and given how deep the running back class is this year, a lucky team could very well have a chance to steal him at a favorable stage of the second round.