5 Realistic Trades For Jarvis Landry

Earlier today, some conflicting reports arose about Jarvis Landry potentially being traded  to the Bears in return for Jordan Howard. With Landry insisting that he'd avoid playing under the $16 million franchise tag, something's got to give. Given that teams would be hesitant to offer much more than a mid-round pick for Landry knowing that they'd have to turn around and re-sign him to a lucrative deal, here are three realistic Landry trades we could see this offseason.

5. Baltimore Ravens - 3rd Round Pick

The Ravens are a conservative bunch, and I can't see them offering a whole lot to nab a receiver they then have to pay. They should put a third-rounder on the table and wait to hear back. If every other scenario falls through, they could be a big winner here. It behooves them to give it a shot-- whether or not Torrey Smith is keen to depart the Eagles return to the team that drafted him.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dede Westbrook and a 3rd-Rounder

The Jaguars just rolled the dice on Blake Bortles, and now they need to build around him. Nabbing Landry would help in a big way, especially with Allen Robinson on the rebound. Westbrook was a star in college, and who's to say he couldn't develop into a Landry-type player under Adam Gase? Time to consider a trip on I-95, boys.

3. Tennessee Titans - 2nd-Round Pick

The Titans want Landry, and they haven't made that a secret. He could give Marcus Mariota a legit top target to throw to in tough spots, which would be huge. If Tennessee employs an offense similar to the one Los Angeles ran last year, then Landry could blow up in the same role we saw Robert Woods succeed in during the 2017 season. With that in mind, they need to be willing to overpay for the guy.

2. Chicago Bears - 2019 2nd- 3rd-Rounders

The Bears were already rumored to be dancing with the Dolphins in these negotiations, and it's clear they need someone for Mitch Trubisky to throw to. Landry can be that player, but the lack of a third-rounder this year complicates things. Chicago could trade a big part of next year's draft for a shot at securing Landry before anyone else.

1. Cleveland Browns - 2nd-Round Pick

The Browns sit on top here because they can offer one of the top three picks in the second round, and still be okay. What this team needs is talent, and they won't find a better receiver than Landry with that pick. They also have the money to keep him happy, and it honestly wouldn't even break the bank. The Browns could guarantee a high pick here, and get it to the Dolphins before anyone else would. This is a no-brainer for them.