​People generally don't clap at the combine, but the place went nuts here and rightfully so. 

One of the more inspiring stories around this draft class surrounds ​Shaquem Griffin, a one-armed linebacker out of UCF. Griffin getting invited to the combine was more than just a feel-good moment, though. In fact, Griffin has ​legit prospects at being an NFL starter.

And everyone is rooting for the kid. This included the whole combine during his bench press. 

Griffin took part in the bench press drill today at the combine with the use of a prosthetic arm, and he killed it while doing 20 reps. 

The incredible amount of support Griffin received while doing so was amazing, as people normally don't cheer like that during the event. 

It's unclear when Griffin will be drafted, but it's unlikely to happen before the third round at the very least. Still, I really like his odds at becoming a quality NFL player, and think he could be a special two-down type of player. 

He's certainly got the heart for it.