Boy, isn't it nice when trades actually benefit both teams equally and provide instant win/win scenarios? It doesn't always feel like it goes down that way as some teams are leveraged into making decisions based on factors like salary cap and peer pressure from the players themselves.

Don't get me wrong, the Dolphins certainly are out-leveraged at this point, heading toward a March 14 deadline financially in the red and about $16 million over the cap thanks to the recent ​Robert Quinn acquisition and Jarvis Landry's hefty franchise tag. But there could be a way the franchise breaks even while still providing value.

The full details of the rumored deal per John Mullin of NBC Sports Chicago is a trade of Landry and a 2018 third-round pick for Jordan Howard and swapping 2018 first round picks (Miami's No. 11 to move up to Chicago's No. 8).

Not only will this trade shake the foundation of the NFL, but going beyond the noise, it will help the Dolphins save some serious money.

For the Bears, they automatically get a weapon on the edges for promising future stud Mitch Trubisky with the team desperately needing help at wide receiver.

Yet, according to Ian Rapoport, this trade is far from the finish line. In fact, the Bears aren't intrigued with letting Howard go.

It remains to be seen how new head coach Matt Nagy plans to scheme in Chicago, and he'll have to consider if a No. 1 RB or No. 1 WR will be the best fit to pioneer an offense that is stripped down enough for him to build from the ground up.