​While big name free agents attract all the attention during the offseason, it's the small, curious signings of minor league free agents that always tend to be the best stories out of Spring Training. 

One of those said signings was former top prospect​ Danny Hultzen, who was picked up by the Cubs on Thursday. While he has his fair share of warts, Chicago may have caught lighting in a bottle if he returns to his pre-injury form.

A polished college pitcher out of Virginia, Hultzen was signed in 2011 by the Mariners and had dominated opponents in minor league level. Shoulder surgeries in 2013 and 2016, however, totally derailed his career.

As he went into his surgery in 2016, a Mariners doctor even suggested that he give up pitching due to the severity of his injury. 

That being said, it's fairly obvious that the Cubs aren't expecting ​Hultzen to light up the world this Spring. Being able to show that he still has his command and velocity will be the most encouraging signs from the now-28-year old southpaw.

There's no doubt that Hultzen is the feel good story to come out of the Cubs this Spring. Best of luck to him in finding his groove back and getting back to where he left off.