6 Other NBA Players That You'd Expect to Throw a Bowl of Soup at a Coach

The NBA is a league of hotheads. Even more than other sports, there is a level of closeness to the players that allows fans to feel like they really know their favorites. 

After J.R. Smith's soup throwing incident, it got us thinking: who else could do something like this?

6. Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah is currently being paid $17 million this year to sit at home because 1) he's not good at basketball anymore and 2) he almost got into an actual fight with Jeff Hornacek. If Jojo had a nice bowl of French Onion soup nearby (shoutout Yannick), Jo would've splattered it all over Hornacek.

5. Blake Griffin

Last year, Blake Griffin actually beat the crap out of one of the Clippers' equipment managers after he was teased in a restaurant. You're telling me that if Stan Van Gundy is making fun of Blake's free throw shooting at dinner, there's no chance that he throws his bowl of minestrone at SVG?

You can't.

4. Bobby Portis

Look at this dude's eyes. You're telling me that he wouldn't lose it someone? He literally broke Nikola Mirotic's face this season in practice.

Bobby Portis would lose his mind at practice, be fuming for all of dinner, and when Fred Hoiberg asked him how he was at dinner, he would fling his bowl of matzo ball soup all over him.

3. Draymond Green

Draymond Green (AKA Donkey Teeth) is currently leading the league in technicals. One more, and he gets suspended for a game! That's crazy! 

Picture this. Draymond gets ejected and storms back to the locker room. Mike Brown tries to calm him down, but Draymond is inconsolable. He grabs everything he can find and just starts throwing it. He makes it all the way to the secret kitchen in Oracle Arena and takes a five gallon pot of chicken noodle soup and dumps it like a gatorade cooler over Mike Brown's bald dome.

Brown goes to the hospital, and Draymond gets charged with attempted murder. 

Don't rule it out.

2. DeMarcus Cousins

Boogie Cousins has earned his reputation as one of the biggest hotheads in the league over the past decade. If one of Boogie's coaches rubbed him the wrong way after practice, I could see him filling up a big bowl of Tomato soup and slowly pouring it over his coach's head. Boogie would be deliberate about it; he's cold like that.

1. Russell Westbrook

There is nobody more likely (other than J.R. Smith) to throw a bowl of soup at a coach than Russell Westbrook. Sure, Westbrook is incredibly passionate on the court and it translates to an exciting play style. However, if Russ lost on a buzzer-beater and was throwing a temper tantrum in the locker room, I could see him grabbing a bowl of New England Clam Chowder and spraying it all over Billy Donovan's suit.