​It's a minor-league deal, but he better make the big league squad.

Coming off the first postseason appearance of his career, the man who reemerged last season as one of the most clutch bench options in the game will be ​taking his talents to the Bronx this summer.

A lefty, a disciplined hitter, and someone who'll make sure the lineup barely even takes a step back when Greg Bird sits, Adam Lind is now a Yankee.

​​Most notable for his 35-homer 2009 campaign with the Blue Jays, Lind absolutely came back to life as a key National in 2017, hitting .303 with 14 homers and 59 RBI in part-time duty.

Perhaps the most important factor here, beyond the obvious insurance for the ​oft-injured Greg Bird, is that the Yankees' facial hair policy will go out of their way to combat the heinous semi-goatee on Lind's chin. 

While he's socking lefty dingers in the Bronx, never forget what George Steinbrenner did for mankind by keeping that rule alive and eliminating whatever Lind's got going on up there.

Whither Tyler Austin, maybe, after this move? Either way, the Yanks just got better and deeper. Again.