Thursday night's NBA tilt between the Cleveland Cavaliers and​ Philadelphia ​76ers marked a must-watch game between two teams holding playoff spots in the Eastern Conference. 

How could that not excite you? 

Seeing LeBron James, Ben Simmons and ​Joel Embiid on the same court? Who knows what we will see with such great players in the same game. 

But, what if you were told one of the most memorable parts of the game would be that somehow a team led the game, while the game was tied? 

You would say no way, until you saw what Fox Sports did. 

​​Yes, that is Fox absolutely butchering a graphic and saying that the Cavs had their first lead of the night when the game was tied at 36. 

We all make mistakes, there is no doubt about it, but mistakes sting more when it is on TV and it is a highly-watched game.