This is going to be quite the offseason.

Trades are not something you see too much of in the NFL, however, something has changed in recent years, as teams have become much more willing to dish players and move draft picks around the league. 

The Seahawks have a ​group of talented veteran defenders reportedly on the trade block this offseason, and according to reports, they're adding another to that group. 

​​Sources claim that Seahawks star defensive end Michael Bennett will find himself on the trade block this offseason, joining the likes of ​Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, who are already reportedly being shopped by the team

Bennett is a three-time Pro Bowler with a Super Bowl ring to his name, but at 32 years old, he only has a few more prime years left in him before age does its thing. 

If the Seahawks are able to get a decent package for him, Bennett could be one of a few vets that find their way out of Seattle in the coming weeks.