Alright this guy can't be serious, right?

We all know tanking as a synonymous term to the NBA, where teams out of playoff contention drop as many games as possible to secure as good a draft pick as possible. The Philadelphia 76ers made it famous, and it hasn't gone away yet. 

According to former Brewers GM Doug Melvin, the MLB has a problem with tanking too, and he has an idea on how to fix it. There's just one issue - it makes no damn sense. ​

​​Alright so let's break this down. Melvin wants us to get past the trade deadline, then take the eight worst teams in the league, and make them try to win the most games possible in the last two months?

See there's just one-glaring issue with that: it doesn't eliminate tanking AT ALL. What happens when a team that actually has talent on their roster falls into the bottom eight because of injuries, then storms to the top of the draft board because their players got healthy in the last two months?

Or even worse, what happens when a team is the eighth worst team, but are also just on the cusp of being a playoff contender. Does a two-month hot streak then give them a playoff spot AND the first pick in the draft?

Come on now Doug, you gotta think these things through.