4 Top Teams LeBron James is Definitely Not Signing With This Summer

So you're saying there's a chance...

With LeBron James primed to be making yet another "Decision" in the offseason, all 30 teams in the NBA have seemingly turned some amount of their attention toward courting the King, his own Cavaliers included.

The sad truth is that there are a certain few that are absolutely not in the running no matter what. Perhaps this list will help those organizations with the process of making peace with it and moving on. Seriously, folks-- LBJ's not coming.

4. Toronto Raptors

The Raptors are playing great ball in the regular season this year. However,  this ought to be expected. They will be judged upon the noise they make once the postseason has finally arrived, which is where they've had their greatest shortcomings in their current era. A team that has trouble performing in the playoffs is certainly not somewhere James will want to go anywhere near. His goal is to win titles, period.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers may have actually put their foot into their own mouth in the King James sweepstakes. Their pining for LeBron seems to have become unhinged based on rumors that James called "disgusting" in regards to him taking a visit to Phillly over the All-Star break to check out prospective schools for his kids. With the superstar now officially turned off, it's going to be a long shot trying to get him back on board with the idea.

2. Boston Celtics

As much beautiful music Kyrie Irving and LeBron made together while playing in Cleveland, James donning the Celtics green is simply not an option. With an image to uphold, James relocating to Boston would certainly look as though Irving was right all along to want out of The Land.

1. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors aren't fooling anybody, and this really shouldn't even be a topic of discussion. Shaquille O'Neal broke the internet when he suggested that LeBron should take signing with the Dubs under serious consideration. However, after a move like that, James could kiss his legacy goodbye. If you thought Kevin Durant was ducking his problems when he headed for the Bay, LeBron would take public heat on a whole new level.