The Patriots made it clear that they valued Antonio Garcia's skill set when they ​moved up 11 spots to select him in the 2017 NFL Draft​. 

Although New England had high expectations for the standout O-lineman from Troy, Garcia ended up missing his entire rookie year. Not only was Garcia placed on the non-football illness list, but the third-round pick's injury wasn't even listed. 

Well, it turns out that his medical condition was scarier than expected, as blood clots in his lungs caused him to miss the 2017 season.

During his treatment he lost 40 pounds, which obviously kept him out of football shape. 

Fortunately enough, Garcia is expected to make ​​a full recovery and play in the NFL once again. 

We've seen blood clots ​derail the careers of other athletes, but hopefully Garcia can help out the New England Patriots this upcoming season. 

After all, the Pats always need all the help they can get on the offensive line.