He ain't going anywhere folks!

This past week has been extremely rough for Sean Miller and the University of Arizona. An ESPN bombshell report surfaced that claimed ​Miller had arranged for a massive payout to top player Deandre Ayton, and the media scrutiny came down hard on the team. 

However, the report quickly fell apart, as ​details came out contradictory to those found in the original piece. As the report collapsed, Miller looked like a victim of poor reporting, and in his first official statement today, he announced that he will NOT be stepping down as head coach.​

​​Instead, Miller disparaged all of those fake reports, and set the record straight that he has always run a clean program at Arizona, and will continue doing so as long as he is employed by the university. 

Considering all the trouble that these incorrect reports have caused him, you can't blame him for setting the record straight. 

​​Especially when you look at all the inconsistencies present in the reports. 

While Miller will certainly be under a microscope for years to come, he's vindicated for now in his position. ​​