​Former Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez probably isn't the guy that should be handing out marriage advice. Keep in mind this is the same guy that sexually hara​ssed his assistant repeatedly and cheated on his wife.

Rich Rodriguez had a "Hideaway Book" while at Arizona, which has been released by Rodriguez's legal team during his ongoing legal battle with sexual assault allegations. The Hideaway Book was essentially used to keep those around Rodriguez quiet about his infidelity to his wife. 

In the Hideaway Book, Rodriguez has a list on how assistant coaches should treat their wives. 

​​In this list Rodriguez says, "Educate her and control her talk," in complete disregard for the wives of his assistant coaches. 

No coach should be following this advice from Rodriguez. It's clear that all this advice was a way to hide his wrongdoings and keep them for reaching the public.

​​Not a good look for Rich Rod.