Mike Zimmer is just DESTROYING his former players right now. 

Despite an outstanding season b​y Vikings QB Case Keenum last year, the Vikings are letting all of their QBs walk in free agency as they look to make an upgrade under center. Now, head coach Mike Zimmer is on the revenge tour of the century for some reason. 

After calling out Sam Bradford earlier today for ​going skiing despite having glass knees, Zimmer went after Case Keenum, basically saying that he can't trust his level of play based on just the 2017 season alone. 

​​Well, he's not necessarily wrong. 

In Los Angeles, Keenum was barely good enough to be a backup quarterback, which likely says more about Jeff Fisher than it does Keenum. When he came to Minnesota with Pat Shurmur, he turned into the confident slinger we saw last season.

Zimmer has a right to question his consistency, just as much as we have a right to debate whether or not Zimmer falls apart in the postseason.

Hey, all is fair in love and the NFL offseason. ​​