Considering the fact that the Packers are a contender with Aaron Rodgers on the field and a sub .500 team while on the sidelines, you better believe the man is going to get paid.

The former MVP is looking for a contract extension and has given Packers fans no reason to panic. He'll certainly be on the field for the long haul and has already made progress with Green Bay.

While there's no sense of worrying, fans definitely shouldn't hold their breath. Green Bay and Rodgers aren't expected to come to a deal until the very end of the offseason. 

​​Why not get it done sooner rather than later, you ask? So that Rodgers can get every penny he deserves.

Year after year, we see quarterbacks set the bar higher and higher with each and every deal. Matt Stafford and Derek Carr were the trendsetters. Jimmy Garoppolo has already gotten the ball rolling with a number of quarterbacks set to break his contract record this offseason.

By waiting, Rodgers will be able to see what other quarterbacks are being paid and will gauge his value off of that. As you could've guessed, his value will be much higher than anyone who receives a deal this offseason. 

​​The ​Falcons are making a mistake by waiting until Kirk Cousins, Rodgers, and others receive a deal until they work on Matt Ryan's extension, but the Packers don't have that same luxury. Rodgers deserves every single penny he'll get and has earned the right to be the highest paid player in the NFL.

Enjoy the record-breaking deals with Ryan and Cousins when they happen. Just know that right before the season begins, the biggest bomb will drop.