7 Best Ankle-Breaking Moves So Far This NBA Season

We've seen a lot of great moments this year, but the classic ankle-breakers are the most entertaining to watch. Whether it's from a vicious crossover or a great step-back, players never want to be put on skates in front of the cameras. Here are seven of the best ankle-breaking moves so far this season.

7. Josh Jackson Freezing Jakob Poeltl

Jackson is showing this season why he was deserving of the fourth pick in the 2017 NBA Draft with his great play in addition to his amazing offensive moves. Jakob Poeltl tried to stay in front of him on this drive to the basket, but Jackson breezed by easily, and Poeltl was left helpless on the floor.

6. DJ Augustine Shaking Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Greek Freak has been nothing short of phenomenal this season, but even the best have their weak moments. Giannis didn't fully go down trying to guard Augustine, but it was enough to garner a reaction from the crowd and hold a spot in Augustine's career highlights.

5. Elfrid Payton Downing Russell Westbrook

You would think when you read that title it should be the other way around. It's not easy to cross up a guy like Westbrook, so Payton should definitely take pride in it. He got tripped up badly and it shows that even a superstar like Westbrook can't escape nasty moves at time.

4. Jayson Tatum Embarrassing Torrey Craig

Tatum is having an outstanding rookie season for the Boston Celtics, and a big guy like him sure has the swift moves to make a defender fall down. Torrey Craig fell victim to Tatum's arsenal of moves, and paid a severe price on a step-back jumper.

3. CJ McCollum Annihilating Yogi Ferrell

Most of the talk surrounding the Portland Trail Blazers has been about Damian Lilliard. But who can forget CJ McCollum with moves like this! Using a crossover move while driving to the hoop, Farrell had no shot at defending it and decided to drop right to the ground.

2. Jamal Murray Ruining Steven Adams

A center defending a guard is never a good thing for the big man. It's a huge mismatch, and in this case, Murray made Adams pay for it with a sweet ankle-breaking crossover into a step-back jumper. Down goes the Aussie!

1. James Harden Eviscerating Wesley Johnson

Yes, the number one ankle-breaker so far this season has got to be Harden over Johnson. Not only was the crossover nasty, but it was the stare-down that Harden gave Johnson before drilling the three-pointer. It was an epic ankle-breaker that will be remembered for a very long time.