As the saying goes, good pitching wins championships, and there's plenty of good pitching left available on the free agent market. 

Here is your all-unemployed pitching staff on March 1st, just one month before the start of the season. ​

The starting rotation on that unemployed pitching staff is especially interesting because ​Jake Arrieta, Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb could all be huge additions to any staff as front-line starting pitchers, immediately slotting ahead many in-house options for contending teams. 

Lynn falls right behind Arrieta on the market and will not be paid an exorbitant amount of money when finally signed. His great value should make him a commodity around the league and there are many teams beginning to ​throw their hat in the ring on signing Lynn, most recently the Philadelphia Phillies.

​​Lynn could be the ace of that Phillies pitching staff and they should be jumping at the opportunity to bring him into the fold. There has also been interest from the Phillies in Arrieta, but Lynn probably represents a better option due to the slightly reduced price tag.

Signing Lynn could help the Phillies arrive a year early to at least be in the Wild Card race going down the stretch this year. They should make this happen.