​James Harden just disrespected Wesley Johnson in a manner we can all admire.

Johnson, a very normal NBA veteran who logs bench minutes with the Clippers, was tasked with guarding Harden on a switch. The end result was predictably a bucket, but surprisingly a massacre.

The stare down makes this play, and many of us are already wondering if Wesley Johnson will ever be the same.

Is he capable of stepping onto the court again? That much remains to be seen.

The pranksters have already added insult to injury, as Johnson's wikipedia got a ruthless makeover.

It was way too quick. We're talking minutes after the event, in which police were likely called.

The underrated aspect of this post is the Los Angeles Slippers reference which, while not the main point, is still borderline hilarious.

The description of Johnson's death is the selling point here, though, as he was cooked to death and put in a bodybag. But have you seen the photo?

Nothing was the same.