​There are certain sounds in sports that are so satisfying.

The swoosh of a hoop, the ping of a​ clean drive and the ​crack of a bat.

But there's arguably nothing that sounds more beautiful than that pop of a catcher's glove when a flamethrower is gassing up a batter.

Although it's probably white noise to ​Alex Reyes at this point because he's hearing it nearly every pitch, but in Reyes' return to the mound Wednesday from his extensive Tommy John rehab, you can't blame the guy for getting a little excited. Straight. Ched.

When you can "hear the sizzle" in February, you must be feeling pretty good. Sounds like that remind you how hard baseball really is.

In Babe Ruth Baseball, if you get buzzed by a 75 MPH fastball the batter can hear that sizzle. When the sizzle is heard through an iPhone camera from 20 feet out then you know the pitcher's throwing hard.

On a more serious note, Reyes looked untouchable here. If he is fully healthy going into the season the ​Cardinals should return to their former status as NL Central contenders.

St. Louis doesn't ever stay bad for long, so expect them to be sizzling into October this Fall.