​Sean Davis is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as he is being sued for cyberbullying, libel, slander, and intentional infliction of emotional distress by ​a family of a young Chick-fil-A worker.

The lawsuit stems from a Snapchat video where Davis reportedly mocked the teenager at the Cranberry Chick-fil-A, where he was exposed to bullying by his classmates.

One of Davis' former coaches came to the defense of the safety.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive backs coach Carnell Lake released a statement to express how much of a "respecting and caring individual" Davis is.

​​Lake has nothing but good things to say about the 24-year-old, who just finished his second NFL season.

It will remain to be seen if Lake's statement will help Davis' case.

But for now, Davis will continue to be in the headlines for this story throughout the offseason.