​Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard never ceases to amaze and this past month of February was no different. 

We know he's a scoring machine and has put this Blazers team back on the NBA map, but he also showed why he was deserving of making the ​All-Star Game as he finished with 21 points.

Although that may have seemed like the highlight of the month for him, he's actually now a new record holder for his franchise:

If you were in attendance for any of the Blazers' games this past month, then you were surely in for a treat as Lillard put on a scoring display each and every night. 

To average 31.4 ppg for a month is downright nasty and regardless of what team you're a fan of, it must've been hard not to root for the man who is forever in pursuit to prove to the world that he ​belongs among the game's elites.

There's two questions that arise out of his spectacular month. Can he top this performance in another month, and Can he do enough to lead this team into the postseason?

The Blazers are currently No. 6 in the Western Conference standings, but a lot can happen in the crowded standings between now and the playoffs.