Forget about free agency or the NFL draft. We already have our biggest question of the offseason answered.

After the NFL and Papa Johns agreed to part ways, the league had a vacancy to fill as the official pizza sponsor. There weren't many that believed the departure of Papa John's would actually affect the league, and they were correct as the NFL has already chosen their newest mediocre slice. 

The league is now eating good in the neighborhood. 

Pizza Hut is the new official pizza of the NFL. 

​​Sorry Domino's, Little Ceasers, and all other chain pizza restaurants alike. You'll have to wait until the next pizza box opening. 

Papa John's began rolling out insane discounts when they were partners with the NFL, and Pizza Hut will be no different. 

We already saw the newest official pizza of football flex their bargain muscles when they offered free medium two-topping pizzas to reward members if the fastest touchdown record was broken in the Super Bowl. 

Now that they're allowed to facilitate deals with different teams, you can only expect those types of deals to continue. 

​​The deal with the NFL may have seemed fruitful at the time for Papa John's, but it only backfired when the owner,​ who later stepped down, blamed the league for the decline in company sales. 

All Pizza Hut has to do is not call out the league, continue to pump out borderline decent pizza, and rake in the cash. Rinse, and repeat.