​And here we thought D-Wade was old.

The honorary chairman of the Miami Heat has returned to his old playground, but it clearly wasn't just to show face.

D-Wade isn't done being himself just yet.

His latest victim: the Philadelphia 76ers. They too had to learn what many of us already knew.

D-Wade is a bad somebody.

​​Father Time clearly took the day off.

Wade scored a team- and season-high 27 points in the contest, but the most spectacular two came in the closing seconds of the game.

With the Heat down one, the team turned to Wade to take them home. And as he's done countless times before, Wade delivered what would be the game-clinching bucket with 5.9 seconds remaining.

It was a euphoric end to the game Tuesday night in Wade County, and ole reliable certainly proved that he's still got some tread left on those tires.

A couple more finishes like this and ​he'll certainly put all that retirement talk to bed.