​Get excited, San Diego, because your new superstar is already batting in runs in just his second at-bat. 

​Eric Hosmer was available on the free agent market for the entirety of the offseason. The vicious cycle between players' agents, owners, and the MLB may have been a contributor, but regardless, ​Hosmer signed a deal with the Padres, and is now in San Diego for the next eight years (unless he's traded). 

It looks like that long-term contract is panning out well so far, as Hosmer has already done some damage at the plate in his second at bat with the Padres. 

Roughly one week after pitchers and catchers reported, the likes of ​​J.D. Martinez and Eric Hosmer finally gave in and ended their offseason free agency and signed with their respective teams.

Although Martinez is thought to have gotten a discount at $25 million per year, Hosmer is only taking in $18 million per year, but that is most likely due to the fact that he was more interested in the length of the contract. 

It could be a steal if he performs like this for an entire y