​Hit the road, Jack. 

The New York Knicks veteran exodus sounds like it's just getting started. Despite the team staying surprisingly quiet at the deadline, that doesn't mean people won't get moved in the weeks to come to clear more minutes for kids in the rebuild. Joakim Noah has been trying to officially force his way out for weeks, and now, bereft of a role, Jarrett Jack is likely joining him. 

According to reports, Jack is unhappy with his role on the team since the addition of Emmanuel Mudiay, and as a result, may request a buyout to join a playoff team for the final push of the regular season. 

​​You can't blame Jack for wanting to go join a contender at this point in his career, but both parties are correct here. Any Jack minutes on the Knicks right now are entirely wasted minutes. He's proven this year he can still produce and score (though he's relatively unplayable in the fourth quarter), but serves no purpose ahead of Mudiay, Ntilikina, and Trey Burke right now, three point guards who either need to develop or prove their worth.

A true NBA journeyman, Jack has been extremely unlucky with his timing with teams. He was on the Warriors in 2012 before they turned into the powerhouse they are now. He was in Cleveland the season before LeBron returned. It's just rough.

Hopefully Jack can get himself on a top roster and help a team compete come the postseason.