​Worried about taking a step back from your record-setting winning streak form? Wondering how you'll fill a possible power void?

Well, maybe it's a good idea to bring back one of the biggest catalysts of your 2016 World Series trip who specialized in providing light-tower blasts. Oh yeah, and he comes at a huge discount.

After the man himself ​hinted at a reunion just a week back, it seems like the Tribe is bringing back Mike Napoli on a minor-league deal.

​​Napoli's 2016 was special in terms of swagger and production; he hit only .239, as is his calling card, but hit 34 bombs and knocked in 101 runs.

And that's what he does...basically every year. Even in 2017, a down season, Nap drilled 29 dingers (OK, despite an average under .200, but the presence is still appreciated).

He'll draw walks and he'll sock bombs, even though he's surprisingly injury-prone for such a hulk. 

But what more can you ask from a late-February addition? Let's bring the band back together and promote Nap and ​Rajai Davis to the Opening Day roster. Who says no?