​This war is just beginning. 

Last season saw one of the most interesting standoffs in recent NFL history, and it had almost nothing to do with the actual players-- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it ​his mission to block Commissioner Roger Goodell from getting a contract extension.

While Jones inevitably lost that battle, as Goodell was given a five-year extension by the league's owners, the showdown isn't over yet. The commish is now planning to fine Jones "millions of dollars" for his conduct.

​​According to a New York Times report, Goodell will announce the fine in the coming weeks, citing actions detrimental to the league both for speaking out about the contract extension talks and his forceful defense of Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott when he faced suspension.

It is important to mention that the report states that Goodell did not originally plan on going through with the fine, but he was pushed to do so by ​other NFL owners who want to send a message to Jones.

The fact that this news came out on the anniversary of Jones acquiring the Cowboys is merely the icing on the petty cupcake.

​​If there's one thing we can be sure of in this situation, it's that Jones will not accept this penalty quietly. 

Considering how hard he fought not only for Elliott's suspension to be overturned, but for Goodell's extension to be blocked, you best believe he'll be even more vicious over a matter that affects his wallet in no uncertain terms.

Get ready for a a serious NFL throwdown, folks.