NFL free agency is still more than two weeks away, which is completely ridiculous. Football fans want to see some action, and they want it now.

There is no shortage of talented players expected to hit the open market, but there has been a boatload of special attention geared toward the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes. Hopeful teams continue to jostle for position, but we've yet to see a clear frontrunner for the Pro Bowl quarterback.

The Jets are willing to shell out serious money, while ​the Broncos are letting their players do the recruiting for them. But according to one former VP of player personnel, Cousins makes real sense in only one place.


Yes, Gil Brandt of believes Cousins will end up donning purple:

​​This isn't the first time we've heard that Minnesota is the favorite for Cousins' services, and it won't be the last.

The Vikes had three capable quarterbacks on the roster 2017, but with each one of them set for free agency, they should do whatever they need to do in order to snag Cousins, who would be a noticeable upgrade. Sam Bradford is talented but injury-prone, Teddy Bridgewater has potential but health questions of his own, and while Case Keenum was a breakout performer last year, he's a top candidate to get overpaid on the market this spring. Cousins is far and away the best of the four, and would bring this team to a new level.

Brandt may be going out on on a limb with his prediction, but he isn't the only Vikings VIP who believes Cousins will end up in Minnesota-- Hall of Famer Cris Carter is sold on the idea, too.

​​Cousins to Minnesota just makes sense for a number of reasons. Then again, you'll probably hear several fanbases saying the same thing about their team.

Strap in, boys and girls. The race for Cousins' signature is going to be a fun one.