In light of issues that emerged in his medical report, ​JD Martinez's contract with the Red Sox includes some significant flexibility.

The terms of the contract are similar to those originally agreed upon, as the deal is still for five years and $110 million. Martinez will have three opt-out clauses instead of just one in the final pen-to-paper version, however.

​​All told, the Red Sox needed to give Martinez something in return for the team's demand for more ​injury protection in the deal. The player has missed 85 games due to injury over the past two seasons, and the Red Sox have reportedly been concerned with an issue regarding his foot.

​​Regardless of what the injury risk truly is, Sox fans should be ​excited to have Martinez on the team. The 30-year-old is one of the best power hitters in the game when healthy, and could help push the Red Sox past the Yankees in the competitive AL East. 

If he can ruin a promising Yankee season even once, fans in Boston won't care too much if he ends up opting out before the full five years.