​It's finally over.

J.D. Martinez is officially a member of the Boston Red Sox after what felt like months of back-and-forth between the team and agent Scott Boras behind closed doors. Over the weekend, it was reported that an undisclosed medical issue was delaying the introductory press conference, and now we know what it was. 

It was an injury from last spring.

Here are more details on the protection for the Red Sox:

It was a fairly big cause for concern, considering the slugger did not make his 2017 debut until May 12 because of the ailment. As a result, the Sox made sure they had some leverage in the contract regarding the injury, especially since Martinez is getting opt outs after years two, three and four.

Regardless, Sox fans should be pumped about him finally joining the club as they look to further intensify their rivalry with the Yankees in the AL East.

​​The two sides took an extended period of time to get a deal done, but now that it's official, it's time to start focusing on 2018.