​Major League Baseball lost a good one this weekend.

Jack Hamilton, who infamously hit Red Sox star Tony Conigliaro in the eye in 1967, has passed away at the age of 79. Hamilton played for a multitude of MLB teams, including the Mets, Tigers, Indians, Angels, Phillies, and White Sox. He was 32-40 on his career, and carried an ERA just over four.

Sadly, one moment came to change Hamilton's career, as that day in 1967 defined him as a pitcher. After the fact, Hamilton had this to say about the pitch that changed his--and Conigliaro's--life.

"It was a high fastball," Hamilton told The Associated Press in 1987. "He didn't move at all. He didn't even flinch, jerk his head or anything. It was hard to sit there and take a pitch like that."

The details surrounding Hamilton's death are not known at this time, but we join the entire MLB family in giving our thoughts to Jack's loved ones during this difficult time.