This troubling story just gets worse and worse. ​

Earlier today, Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles was shut down due to a suspicious social media post that many took as a potential threat to the school. However, the post was not from a current student. 

Instead, it was actually from Harvard-Westlake alum and ​former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who posted the extremely disturbing photo below on his Instagram story:

​​Needless to say that's a serious issue. 

Martin made headlines a few years ago when he was the victim of the Richie Incognito "Bullygate" scandal that took over the Dolphins franchise. Clearly, he has not yet overcome the mental anguish that he was dealing with back then.

Now, reports are surfacing that Martin has been taken into custody as a result of the perceived threat.

​​While it's still not clear exactly what prompted Martin to post the disturbing image -- or if his account was somehow hacked at some point in this process -- this is a necessary step to ensure not just public safety, but his personal safety as well.


​​Hopefully this situation can get defused and things can return to normal for everyone.