The Chiefs have already had themselves a wild offseason. With Pat Mahomes ready to take over, the team ​dished Pro Bowl QB Alex Smith to the Redskins for a third-round pick and starting CB Kendall Fuller. 

Once that deal was done, some shocking rumors surfaced that the team was reportedly looking to ​trade superstar corner Marcus Peters. It sounded absolutely insane... until now that is.  

​​According to reports, the Chiefs are finalizing a deal that will send Peters to the Los Angeles Rams. 

While the two sides are still working on the finishing touches of the deal, all signs point to this going through, and the two-time Pro Bowler heading to the NFC West. 

​​In return, the team will reportedly get a package of draft picks in return. Although at the moment it is unclear exactly what the draft picks will look like, you can be sure the team is going to get some serious talent in return.

What this does mean for the Rams is that they are not only getting an All-Pro caliber cornerback, but also likely saying goodbye to the one already on their roster. 

As Trumaine Johnson hits free agency, the team is unlikely to workout a deal with him now that Peters is on the roster, especially for the price-tag that Johnson will demand. 

What a wild move.