​The Cleveland Cavaliers ​reshaped their entire roster at the trade deadline to get themselves in a better position to compete for a championship in 2018. While the team has improved its chances this season, the Cavs need LeBron James to continue competing in the future.

James is expected to consider returning to Cleveland after utilizing his opt out to become a free agent this offseason, but boy is this not a good sign for the Cavs if the following report is true.

Every general manager in the league will likely make an attempt to sign the 33-year-old, but apparently Cavs owner Dan Gilbert may not do everything it takes to keep the team's star player. Gilbert reportedly might not offer LeBron a no-trade clause in his next contract, and that could threaten the team's chances of signing the superstar.

​​Gilbert and LeBron are engaged in something of a power struggle as the two both want control over the team.

According to Bleacher Report's Howard Beck, "...it’s virtually an article of faith that if James leaves the Cavs again, it will be primarily because of the fractured relationship with Gilbert."

​​Considering the situation, Gilbert understandably wants to limit LeBron's power over the franchise with his next contract, but the team needs James to be competitive and losing him could be the start of another grueling rebuild in Cleveland.

While LeBron ​may prefer to remain with his hometown Cavs, if the team does not properly accommodate James he will likely leave the franchise for more competitive offers.