​ESPN isn't exactly known for showing ​top-tier graphics, but Tuesday's graphic during the Baylor-West Virginia basketball game was a new low for the broadcasting company.

During Baylor's 71-60 loss, wing Nuni Omot was shown on screen with a seemingly inappropriate graphic that stated that the player hadn't seen his father since 1996.

That's an interesting bio on the young man. Care to elaborate, ESPN?

Omot's father was reunited with Nuni this Sunday and attended the game on Tuesday night, which was the first time the two had seen each other in 21 years.

​​The younger Omot left his birth country of Kenya as a refugee when he was a child, but his father stayed behind, leading to the nearly 22-year long gap between the two seeing each other.

Omot has had a strong season so far, averaging 9.5 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 1.7 assists in a bench role with the ​Bears

Hopefully his father can see him continue to improve at Baylor, but more importantly, hopefully ESPN doesn't touch on such a sensitive subject with another asinine graphic.