6 Most Overrated NBA Prospects Heading Into the 2018 Draft

Several NBA teams have already fully embraced tanking in hopes of increasing their chances of crashing the top of this summer's draft. This incoming class features several game-changing talents that will help reverse the fortunes of struggling franchises, but front offices need to pump the breaks when it comes to these six over-hyped players.

6. Deandre Ayton - Arizona

I know its surprising to see a player who may be taken first overall on this list, but there are some concerns about Arizona's DeAndre Ayton, especially his performance as a rim protector. Mo Bamba of Texas and Jaren Jackson Jr. of Michigan State have defended down low much better this season. There is still a lot to like about Ayton, but his overall ability on D is a concern.

5. Marvin Bagley III - Duke

Marvin Bagley will put up numbers in the NBA. That I can't deny. However, the concern with him is his lack of a true positions and his effective contributions to winning. Duke has been surprisingly effective without him, and the player doesn't always show the most intense effort. Yes, he will be good. But it's an open question as to whether he can be great.

4. Kevin Knox - Kentucky

Kevin Knox is a tweener forward who can score. He can do a little bit of everything, which is promising, but I am not sure he is on track to be great at any one thing. Fit will be huge for Knox, as he can't be asked to do too much too early.

3. Troy Brown - Oregon

Troy Brown has some nice physical tools, but I worry if he will ever be a good enough shooter to be a good modern day wing. The rest of his game is also not good enough to make up for his lack of shooting. Given the kind of two-guard that rises to the top in today's NBA, that's a red flag.

2. Bruce Brown - Miami

Bruce Brown can defend and brings some toughness, but there are concerns. First, he has foot issues from a previous fracture, and the effects still linger. Second, the sophomore has improved as a shooter since his first college year, but he'll need to keep doing so to make up for his relative lack of size. Is he up to the task?

1. Keita Bates Diop - Ohio State

Keita Bates Diop is versatile and can play multiple positions. That's the good news. The bad? His effort comes and goes; you don't know what you get on a night to night basis. His lack of consistency is alarming, and he needs to prove in no uncertain terms that he can overcome it.