6 MLB Players Who Are Major Injury Risks in 2018

With the Spring Training schedule kicking off this weekend, players are going to be participating in their first live games since October. Different teams are banking on different stars to carry the weight this season, but let's not forget about those who are injury prone and likely to miss some time. Here are six players that pose that risk heading into the new season.

6. Carlos Gomez

The Tampa Bay Rays will hope to have Carlos Gomez roaming their outfield for most of the season. However, given his recent injury history, it seems like they may need a backup plan. 

The two-time All-Star hasn't managed to play in more than 120 games since 2014. Gomez is another player, who, like Troy Tulowitzki, has been struggling with an ailing ankle injury. 

Given his history, Tampa should not expect too much out of the former All-Star in the second half. 

5. Chris Tillman

Chris Tillman has been dealing with shoulder issues for the past two seasons. He felt discomfort in 2016 and then got shut down in 2017 in the middle of his terrible campaign. 

Now that he's back in Baltimore on a one-year deal, he will hope to stay healthy enough to make another case for free agency in 2018. Although the AL East seems like it will be a two team race, the Orioles need Tillman healthy if they want any shot at making the playoffs. 

4. Michael Brantley

Michael Brantley is hoping to be ready by the start of the season after recovering from right ankle surgery. With that said, there's a chance he's not ready by then. Brantley has had a rough stretch for a couple of seasons. He has played in just 101 games over the past two seasons.

Cleveland will be hoping to get much more out of their All-Star outfielder in 2018. 

3. Stephen Strasburg

There is no doubt that Stephen Strasburg is one of the most talented pitchers in the bigs, but he does come with injury risks. 

The three-time All-Star missed large portions of his first two years due to injury. He also was out for parts of the season in 2015 and 2016. Washington will hope he stays healthy in their quest to make another playoff run. 

2. Dustin Pedroia

It seems as though Dustin Pedroia is eyeing an Opening Day return to the Red Sox lineup. 

After knee surgery in October, Pedroia has spent all Winter recovering. In the past four seasons he has only managed to play more the 140 games once. The aging second baseman will be a major injury liability for Boston. 

Good thing they brought back Eduardo Nunez. 

1. Troy Tulowitzki

Since his second season in the bigs (2007), Troy Tulowitzki has only played in more than 130 games three times. 

Unfortunately for the Blue Jays, this former All-Star shortstop is just not what he used to be. The 33-year-old, who went down with an ankle injury in July, is still said to be taking it easy and won't commit to an Opening Day return. 

Hopefully for the Jays' sake, he comes back healthy and stays healthy.