6 Biggest Bargain Contracts of the 2018 Offseason So Far

Spring Training has sprung, and many of the big-name free agents are officially off the market... ah, except for Jake Arrieta! Sorry, bro.

With most of the top players on the board now officially signed, we can finally get a sense of who overpaid for their free agent acquisitions this winter-- as well as who found themselves a serious steal. Let's identify the six free agents that teams signed for the biggest bargains.

6. J.D. Martinez - Red Sox

It turns out that the Red Sox waiting on J.D. Martinez worked out. 

Early in the offseason, Martinez was hoping for a contract worth well over $120 million. The Sox managed to reel him in for $110 million. Although that is still a lot of money, Boston was able to get one of the best bats in the bigs for what Martinez and agent Scott Boras would consider a steep discount.

5. Curtis Granderson - Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays were able to lock up Curtis Grandson for a little more than $6 million less than what the Los Angeles Dodgers were previously paying him.

Granderson, now 36 years old, is clearly on the downslope of his career. With that said, he can still provide some power in the bottom half of the order. If he gets a fair amount of playing time, Toronto may be surprised by what they got for $5 million. 

4. Anibal Sanchez - Twins

The Minnesota Twins needed a starting pitcher, and Anibal Sanchez turned out to be their man.

While he hasn't been up to par in the past few years, Sanchez had a streak of eight seasons without his ERA going above 4.00. The Twins signed him for just $2.5 million. If he can return to anything remotely approaching his old ways and stay healthy in the process, he could give Minnesota a huge return on investment.

3. Chris Tillman - Orioles

The O's have officially re-signed Chris Tillman despite questions floating around about where he was going to land. Given that his 2017 season was dragged down by injury, he returns at a discounted rate.

The right hander is taking a $7.5 million pay-cut from his 2017 salary of $10.05 million. That's a team-friendly price for the 29-year-old former All-Star.

2. Carlos Gomez - Rays

After taking a helicopter ride to meet with Texas Rangers representatives, it seemed as though Carlos Gomez was going to stay with his team for another year.

But then the Rays swooped in, and boy, did they get a bargain. In 2017, Gomez earned a salary of $11.5 million. On his new one-year deal with the Rays, he is making just $4 million.

This is a guy who posted an .802 OPS last season while being one of the better defensive outfielders you'll find, so this is a major steal.

1. C.C. Sabathia - Yankees

The Yankees have to feel pretty great about bringing back C.C. Sabathia.

Considering he hasn't made less the $20 million since 2009, a $10 million deal for the big man is smart for New York. Considering that C.C. turned out to be one of the steadier arms in the American League last season, including in the playoffs, the Bombers are sitting pretty.