6 One-on-One Matchups We Need to See in the Postseason

There's nothing better in sports than a good ole rivalry. If you add in the backdrop of postseason play, then that's truly as good as it gets.

With the NBA All-Star break behind us, the remaining teams in contention are set to make a push towards the postseason, and that's when the fun will really begin.

Here are six one-on-one matchups we're going to need to see once the postseason officially kicks off.

6. LeBron James v. Giannis Antetokounmpo

The King versus his challenger. Giannis Antetokounmpo has made no bones about his desire to come for the crown. As has been the case for a quite a few years now, LeBron James wears it upon his head. These two Goliaths of the game could meet up and make for one of the more exciting first-round matchups this year's playoffs have to offer.

5. John Wall v. Kyrie Irving

Wall versus Irving is must-see TV. NBA guards have never been better than they are today, and these are two of the absolute best in the game. What a matchup it would be to see these two elites going at it for the right to advance in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

4. James Harden v. Steph Curry

Two of the best shot makers the NBA has ever seen appear to be destined for a collision in the NBA's Western Conference Finals. Steph Curry and James Harden both rank top-five in the league in scoring per game this season and their respective teams have the two best records in the entire NBA. Who can out-duel the other?

3. LeBron James v. Kyrie Irving

This will certainly be well worth the wait. The Boston Celtics, led by Kyrie Irving, have been incredibly competitive this season even without the aid of their star free agent acquisition Gordon Hayward. Of course, James' Cavaliers are right in the thick of things as well, which could make for an exciting duel atop of the NBA's Eastern Conference.

2. Kevin Durant v. Russell Westbrook

Thunder buddies turned arch rivals. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook appear to have the hatchet buried just a bit now that enough time has passed since the two split up just ahead of last season. However, that doesn't at all mean the competitive fury on the basketball court isn't still there. That is very much alive and well and will only stand to heighten when a NBA title is on the line.

1. LeBron James v. Kevin Durant

What more could you want? Two of the best in the game going at it head-to-head. We got five games of this last season in the Finals, and still would love to see more. The rivalry between KD and King James is at the highest level in the world and anyone who loves good basketball loves to see these two compete against one another.