6 Contracts From This Offseason That Teams Will Regret

It has taken a while for free agency to take off this year.  Still, there are teams that have spent a lot of money and some of those contracts are bound to be regrettable. Here are some signings that won't prove to be worth the money.

6. Brandon Morrow

Brandon Morrow had a great year as a setup man for the Dodgers last year, so it's hard to knock the Cubs for poaching their rival's reliever on a hefty two-year deal worth $21 million.

Where we have to quibble with this signing though is that Morrow has never been a closer and he will be expected to assume that role this year. This one signing might not be one that they regret this year, but the Cubs will regret what it represents. 

They should have gone out and gotten a bonafide closer so that Morrow could stay in the setup role he thrived in last year.

5. Joe Smith

Joe Smith signed with the reigning World Series champion Astros this offseason on a two-year $15 million deal. 

Smith is a nice reliever who should help a Houston bullpen that struggled mightily last year in the postseason. However, the problem with this signing is similar to the problem with the Cubs' signing of Brandon Morrow.

Smith is not enough to fix what was a sub-par bullpen in the playoffs last year. They could have added a closer like Greg Holland or Wade Davis to put themselves over the top.

4. Tommy Hunter

The Phillies are gambling on Tommy Hunter to replicate the success that he had in 2017, as they signed him to a two-year, $18 million deal.

Hunter has proven to be a capable reliever throughout his career, but at that amount of money they are counting on him to be an elite reliever for the next two years. 

Hunter also comes with some injury concerns. He has dealt with ailments that have sidelined him numerous times over the last five years. 

3. Lorenzo Cain

When the Brewers signed Lorenzo Cain to a five-year deal worth $80 million, the move seemed redundant. They had literally just finished a trade for Christian Yelich, bringing in one All-Star center fielder, and then they went on to get another one in Cain.

While adding all of that talent was great, it gave them a surplus of outfielders with Ryan Braun and Domingo Santana already entrenched in the corner outfield spots.

That money could have been better spent on adding starting pitching to a roster that is devoid of any real front-line starters.

2. Yu Darvish

The first two years of Yu Darvish's new six-year, $126 million deal will be the deciding factor on whether the Cubs will regret this signing. 

If Darvish pitches great and the Cubs manage to make deep playoff runs, it'll be worth it because Darvish will likely opt out and seek another contract, which at that point would save the Cubs money.

Now, here is where they will regret this deal. If Darvish does not opt out and isn't pitching at an elite level, they will have to pay him $81 million in his age 33-36 seasons, during which he his sure to decline precipitously. 

1. Carlos Santana

The Phillies already regret this signing. It's not that Carlos Santana is going to be a bad player for them, but they jumped the gun on signing him so soon. 

Santana signed on Dec. 20 with the Phillies on a three-year deal worth $60 million. Fast forward nearly a month later a Jay Bruce had to settle for just $39 million over three years in a new deal with the Mets.

Bruce and Santana comparable players, so this illustrates just how much the Phillies overpaid Santana in a market that never truly developed for other sluggers.